Don’t miss the Final Weekend of Luminocity!

Luminocity (Day 1)-1

Instant Coffee PINK NOISE | weekend two | NOV 7 & 8


Performers >

Ronan McGrath

Johan Bjorck

Sinoia Caves

Pink Eraser

The Pink Lincolns

Event Schedule >

Friday, November 7, 9pm

Sinoia Caves

Hologram Hymns. Tape chamber legato for organ & arpeggiator.. also

made for geometric shapes appearing in deserts, forests, subdivisions

and Other Planes of Elsewhere… Sinoia Caves is Jeremy Schmidt who is

lauded for his deeply melodic analog synth sounds. He is also a principal

member of the psych-rock band Black Mountain. His debut solo album

The Enchanter Persuaded is released on Jagjaguwar along with the

recently released soundtrack album for the science fiction film Beyond

The Black Rainbow.

 Johan Bjorck

Johan Bjorck is a Swedish visual artists and musician whose

performance for Pink Noise will combine euro-funk, poetry and jazz-


Ronan McGrath

Kamloop’s Ronan McGrath will perform The Rose Tree an articulation of

his fixation on pink noise. As well as his guitar/sampler oriented tracks

from his current ‘No Spectrum’ project.

Saturday, November 8 > the finale 9pm

Pink Eraser

(Zack Colburn, Harrison Dempsey, Dion Fortie and Ryland Fortie)

The Pink Erasers are a shoegazing grunge band from Kamloops. They

are soon to release taped recordings in late 2014.

The Pink Lincolns

(Mitch Charron, Dan Colussi, Laura Piasta, Dave Pullmer and Jennifer


Like driving down the highway with an empty tank of gas. Somewhere

between the city and the country, between the road and the wall (the

ditch), between falling apart and falling into place. They come off as kind

of lazy but do not doubt their capacity to legitimately shred. They call

themselves The Pink Lincolns and they come from Vancouver BC.


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