Office of Surrealist Investigations


Office of Surrealist Investigations
Collaborative Corpse, 2016
video installation

> 135 Victoria Street <

Behind the scenes look at the Office of Surrealist Investigations project during Curator’s Luminocity Tour > Thursday, November, 3, starts at KAG 7 pm

Collaborative Drawing night > Sunday, October 30, 7pm

Collaborative Corpse is a series of projected exquisite corpse drawings on the windows of the Office of Surrealist Investigations. Office of Surrealist Investigations is a collaborative art studio taking the form of a film noir private investigator’s office within which participants are invited to collaborate in Surrealist activities.

For this project, multiple artists will work simultaneously to create drawings inspired by the Surrealist drawing game of Exquisite Corpse. Artists will engage in a visual correspondence forming a collaborative drawing that builds off of each artist’s ideas and automatic mark-making. Office of Surrealist Investigations will also host a public drawing night at 7pm on Sunday, October 30 where visitors to the Office can contribute to the projected drawings.