Monica McGarry


Monica McGarry
Drive Thru, 2016
video installation

> Kamloops Museum & Archives <

Drive Thru uses kitsch and nostalgia to explore the role of convenience within our local food systems. Advertisements, news segments, and promotional videos from local and online media archives juxtapose themes of transportation, suburban sprawl, industrial food production, and media consumption. Drive Thru asks us to consider our own history and relationship with an undeniable necessity: food.


Kamloops Museum and Archives 

Furniture donated by Thrift City
Local news footage provided by CFJC TV
Kamloops City performed by Country Odyssey
Music provided by Robert Williston and the Museum of Canadian Music

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Monica McGarry
Interpretive Dance for Ordinary Tasks, 2016
video installation
TNRD Building Northeast corner window

Interpretive Dance for Ordinary Tasks provides alternative solutions to face the challenges of our everyday lives.