Cindy Mochizuki

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Scissors Film FINAL_10184 (1)

Cindy Mochizuki
Scissors, 2017
HD Video
19:38 min.

Set in the year 2100, a blind ghost by the name of K enters a tatara steel factory in an unknown and yet familiar place. As she circles and circles what we know is a Giant, she realizes that they too share common knowledge and a deep connection to each other’s lives.  The Giant makes an offer for her to get her vision back in exchange for one thing.

Scissors is the last chapter of a trilogy of short stories called Rock, Paper, Scissors (2017) which was originally commissioned by a residency called AIR 475 in Yonago, Tottori Japan curated by Makiko Hara. The final installation was a multi-media installation comprised of audio, video and animation that explores the mysterious life of narrator K who time travels across the shores of Yonago to the islands of British Columbia from the years 1900 -2100. Each chapter bridges Canada and Japan by way of early Japanese migration and the natural resources of coal, lumber and iron.

Sound Design: Antoine Bédard

Performers: Sean Marshall Jr, Linda Hoffman, Lexi Vajda, Renée Sigouin

Cinematography/Camera Scissors: Aya Garcia

Lighting: James Proudfoot

Project Assistant: Cherry Wen Wen Lu

Movement Assistance: Caroline Liffmann

Make-Up: Justin Saint

Costume Design: Leah Weinstein