Howie Tsui

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Howie Tsui
Parallax Chambers (White Camel Mountain), 2018
video capture of an algorithmic animation sequence
single channel video, stereo sound

Project Lead / Creator: Howie Tsui
Image/Sound Programming: Remy Siu
Animation: Roxanne Zagar, Kodai Yanagawa

Parallax Chambers (White Camel Mountain) is a newly created work by Howie Tsui that debuts the next chapter of Retainers of Anarchy, a 25-metre, scroll-like video installation that references life during the Song dynasty (960–1279 Common Era). In this newest project, Tsui employs the same honed production process of drawing, animation and programming by way of an algorithmic animation sequence with stereo sound and applies this to a suite of intimately animated rooms within the Kowloon Walled City (situated geographically and administratively beyond the borders of both Hong Kong and China). This project serves as an avatar for the transitory state inherent to the diasporic experience.