Jeneen Frei Njootli

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Jeneen Frei Njootli
Being Skidoo, 2017
HD video
9:51 min.

In Being Skidoo, Jeneen Frei Njootli explores the practice and aesthetics of reciprocity within the Gwitchin community of Old Crow, Yukon. Youth at Old Crow’s Chief Zzeh Gittlit School created embroidery, beadwork and textile arts to fit skidoos, creating regalia for the vehicles that acknowledges them like sled dogs and are honoured, as tools and partners in travel. With their regalia, the skidoos along with the artists, guides and a camera crew journeyed into Vuntut National Park, Yukon (cooperatively managed with the Vuntut First Nation). The video offers a look at intimate and connected relationships with the North ─ the elements, the land, its animals and one another.

Commissioned by Partners in Art for LandMarks2017/Repères2017
LandMarks2017 is created by PIA, presented by TD and is a Canada 150 Signature Project (