Jin-me Yoon

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Jin-me image

Jin-me Yoon
Long View, 2017
single channel video
10:03 min.

Long View transports us to the rugged western edge of the country, the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, BC, with its wide-open view of the Pacific Ocean. For Yoon, who emigrated from Seoul, Korea to Vancouver in 1968, this view is a consideration of past, present and future relations between Asia and Canada. Long View presents contemplative still and moving images of the artist and three generations of her family on the beach. The project also includes a series of postcards, distributed nationally to universities, galleries, and community and artist run centres. Expanding on concerns previously considered in her 1991 postcard project Souvenirs of the Self, this work offers a lens through which to view self, place, belonging and race within the context of Canadian identity.


Commissioned by Partners in Art for LandMarks2017/Repères2017
LandMarks2017 is created by PIA, presented by TD and is a Canada 150 Signature Project (landmarks2017.ca)