Dasha Novak

Dasha_Born Across Grey Water

Born Across Grey Water, 2014
Digital Video
3 minutes 30 seconds

LUMIN-HAUS: Monday, November 3 & Friday, November 7 > AFTER DARK

Dasha Novak works as a writer, story editor and producer/executive producer under the banner of her company, Snow Crow Productions in Vancouver. She co-produced and co-wrote the animated series, the Adventures of Artie the Ant, the TV pilot and comedy series Health Nutz for APTN, including a social media campaign and an interactive website for Health Nutz. Novak has taught visual art at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design and her artistic practice includes multimedia and installation based work. She has created photographic images ranging from pinhole camera cyanotypes and murals to digital prints, abstract paintings, short experimental films and video installations, exploring themes such as “sense of place”, “liminal space”, “lucid dreaming”, “interactivity” and “art as research”. Novak has also been investigating “synesthesia” and working on an exhibition and a short film “Sugar High Rhapsody” based on the subject of multisensory perception and interactivity.


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