Instant Coffee

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Instant Coffee is a service oriented curatorial and artist collective based in Toronto and Vancouver. The collective’s artistic practice is most often in support of building social platforms for organized events that have ranged from formal lectures and screenings to informal gatherings and workshops. Most often these socially engaged pieces are initiated at the request of a host organization. Spanning over ten years, their activities have been exhibited at such institutions as MKG 127, Toronto; Teck Gallery, Vancouver; Sølyst, Denmark; Kuenstlerhaeuser Worpswede, Germany; Vancouver Art Gallery; Mercer Union, Toronto; Henry Art Gallery, Seattle; and the Yerba Buena Centre of Art, San Francisco. IC will be participating in the residence programme at Incheon Art Platform, S. Korea, and they have two forthcoming publications with Western Front, Vancouver and YYZ Artist Outlet, Toronto. As part of the City of Vancouver’s 2010 Cultural Olympic programme, IC opened Light Bar a full-spectrum light bar installation and venue. This project was recommissioned for the New Forms Festival (2014).

Instant Coffee: Pink Noise

Working with the basic principle that we are hard-wired to receive and distinguish certain unique hues of colour, the artist collective Instant Coffee prod to heighten pinkish sentiments. Their ongoing research project Pink Noise drives at colliding and provoking the basic sensory mechanics of colour and sound to form temperamental emotional connections. Their cursory research takes its initial form as part of Luminocity as a gathering place and a series of music performances. Instant Coffee will turn Kamloops’ Rotary Bandshell at Riverside Park into a vibrant pink-washed venue from which to host four evenings of events. Come through the back and delve into a material investigation of pink noise.

Pink noise is a variant of white noise, which has been reduced in volume and density at each octave. Pure white noise is a combination of all octaves, with each octave doubling in frequency. With pink noise there is the possibility to select a frequency.  The number of octaves can be reduced.  It may only contain six octaves or be played at six decibels. Its differing and speculative form ultimately results in a noise sound wave that has equal energy at every octave. For Instant Coffee these variables are an opening where sound waves can translate into colour and solid mass. There is a pseudo-science (a space between art, science, design and the absurd) that the artist collective is interested in bringing to the forefront. This is something they see as positive. Science itself has definite limits while pseudo-science is inexhaustible.


Weekend ONE >

Friday, October 31 > 9 pm

Opening Ceremony > pink smoke bomb

Din Sink > the recent solo work of Joshua Stevenson (Magneticring / Von Bingen) – Rhythmic excerpts, tonal shifts and acid house tangents. #NuDub Din Sink

Aileen Bryant > Aileen Bryant is a Vancouver-based vocalist and songwriter with a focus on a Capella.

Mr Vacation > Andrew Hood, a Kamloops DJ who will open Pink Noise spinning some deep long beats from the likes of Brent Dancer, SFV Acid and Anom Vitruv.

Closing > late night: pink slide show

Saturday, November 1 > 9pm

Soledad Muñoz Fiegehen and Jaymes Bowman (Young Braised) > They have recently come together on stage to perform a mix of rap, and experimental noise with visual effect. Muñoz Fiegehen is an artist who uses sculpture and the built environment to project and transform sound. Bowman comes from a Christian urban music background, which he twists into unique live performances that focus on language through an under wave of hip hop, rap and RnB. and

 Joe Chylan and the Fucks Not Given > This Kamloops band is Joe Chylan, not Bob Dylan. They are surf punk hailing from leech beach in River City.

Weekend TWO >

opening ceremony > pink smoke bomb

Friday, November 7, 9pm

Ronan McGrath > Kamloop’s Ronan McGrath will perform The Rose Tree an articulation of his fixation on pink noise. As well as his guitar/sampler oriented tracks from his current ‘No Spectrum’ project.

Johan Björck > Johan Björck is a Swedish visual artists and musician whose performance for Pink Noise will combine euro-funk, poetry and jazz-keyboard

Sinoia Caves > 

Hologram Hymns. Tape chamber legato for organ & arpeggiator.. also made for geometric shapes appearing in deserts, forests, subdivisions and Other Planes of Elsewhere…Sinoia Caves is Jeremy Schmidt who is lauded for his deeply melodic analog synth sounds. He is also a principal member of the psych-rock band Black Mountain. His debut solo album The Enchanter Persuaded is released on Jagjaguwar along with the recently released soundtrack album for the science fiction film Beyond The Black Rainbow.

Saturday, November 8 > the finale, 9pm

Pink Erasers > The Pink Erasers are a shoegazing grunge band from Kamloops. They are soon to release taped recordings in late 2014.

Pink Lincolns > Like driving down the highway with an empty tank of gas. Somewhere between the city and the country, between the road and the wall (the ditch), between falling apart and falling into place. They come off as kind of lazy but do not doubt their capacity to legitimately shred. They call themselves The Pink Lincolns and they come from Vancouver BC.


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