Matt Smith


TNRD Library: 5th & Victoria > AFTER DARK

Matt Smith has been involved in media arts since the 1990s. While working for the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria he co-founded the loose collective of technicians and artists, FirstFloor Electronix in 1995. Since arriving in Vancouver in 1998, he has collaborated in a wide variety of art projects as an artist and/or technician. Between 2002 and 2007 Smith co-hosted the highly experimental FirstFloor Radio show on CITR in Vancouver and produced sound-art and radio shows for international broadcast. Personal milestones are the founding and operation of the Artist Run Limousine between 2002-2005, which spawned a series of international productions of “Audiomobile” between 2003-2009. As a member of the Second Site Collective, Smith created an environmental sound piece, also using his remote-sensing software, at Sun Yat Sen Garden in 2013. Most recently a solo-show this summer (2013) at CSA in Vancouver featured photography related works from 2008 to 2013.

Lit Pix, 2013 –

Lit Pix is a series of images made with a custom android app created by the artist that activates the LED flash of an Android device as a flashlight and takes a picture. Matt Smith’s day job is working as an audio visual technician at the Vancouver Art Gallery. Many of these images show views of the small spaces behind walls in which Smith works everyday.

Frolapse, 2013
40 second loop

Frolapse is a time lapse animation over the course of 5 months, documenting CSA’s Curator Steven Tong’s hair growing into its trademark shape. Steven took a picture most mornings over the time period and Matt Smith assembled it into an animation specifically for the “Birdtrap” exhibition at CSA in August 2013.



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