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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28 > 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Kelsey Braun: Fragmentation
Padlock Studios (175, 2nd avenue)
October 28 to November 5 > After dark

Fragmentation 11.jpg

Kelsey Braun’s work Fragmentation is a multi-channel audio and video installation that references the fluctuating nature of memory, its documentation, projection and reception by way of an investigation into the relationship between identity, memory and environment. It explores how one’s perspective and identity are shaped by the surrounding environment and everyday experiences.  Fragmentation encompasses a combination of sound recordings made by the artist and his father from the 1980s as well as abstract images that are projected across the gallery space and are refracted by mirrors. The projection and refraction of imagery establishes the possibility for a multitude of narratives.

Please contact Arnica’s Gallery Coordinator, Christine Beaton, at arnicaarc@gmail.com for more information.

Arnica Artist Run Centre gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia and the collaboration of Padlock Studios.

Opening Receptions:

October Revolution: Kamloops PrintMakers (October 28 to December 10, 2016)
Arnica ARC > Old Courthouse Cultural Centre, 7 Seymour St. West > Friday, October 28, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Kelsey Braun: Fragmentation
Padlock Studio > 175, 2nd Ave (corner of 2nd & Victoria) > Friday, October 28, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm


FRIDAY, OCTOBER 28 > 9:00 pm to 2:00 am



Bar and food provided by Red Beard



Gleneagle is an alt-country / indie rock band from Kamloops, BC. They’ve emerged with a unique style and sound, bringing distorted guitars and driving drums and bass akin to the likes of Attack in Black, contrasted by vocal elements reminiscent of early Springsteen.



Live At Echoplant Studio B: http://youtu.be/y0ho-vuw7oM


An outsider hailing from the desert city of Kamloops B.C. but ostensibly linked to the Saskatoon prairie rap scene, Maki was a late addition to the Clothes Horse Records roster owned and operated by fellow label-mate soso. Well aware that a conscious decision to eschew self-promotion and touring would keep him from the spotlight, he is nonetheless an accomplished producer with an extensive and deep discography.

Maki’s production is melancholic, layered, dark and heavily drum-centric with references to prog, folk, psych, vintage electronics and post-rap. Informed by political and philosophical movements and experiences, his music often explores concepts of anomie, angst and resistance. The careful observer will note references to place, home and memory.

Working as an adjunct and freelancer to a number of artists and conspiring with bespoke labels including CHR, MISM, Luana Records and Endemik, Maki contributes to the notion of permanence in a post-internet world by focusing on carefully crafted analog-format releases that will forever occupy a physical space.



SATURDAY, OCTOBER 29 > 9:00 pm to 2:00 am


Bar and food provided by Red Beard

Halloween Special


Newly formed, dark post punk from Kamloops BC.  Five piece playing creepy songs about outer space.

Songs From the Black Lodge


Songs From The Black Lodge is a collaborative project by Lily Fawn & Eric Hogg. in an ever changing creation of sound that wavers between the pit of your worst fears and the euphoria of love at its peak. Channeling mostly between a mix of Indie Music, Dream pop and Psychedelic pop they have created a special halloween themed performance “Hunted And Lost In The Woods”





Over the past 5 years Koban has been saturating the Pacific Northwest with their minimal synth tinged post punk hymns. Interchanging vocals, pulsing drum machines, driving bass, and a washed out wall of guitar noise comes together for a ferocious live performance. This duo’s intense and eerie energy stems from the bleak and beautiful landscape of Vancouver BC; to create a dynamic sound that is both cold and mesmerizing.



SUNDAY, OCTOBER 30 > 7:00 pm

Office of Surrealist Investigations > 135 Victoria Street
Collaborative Corpse, 2016
Video installation

 OoSI image.jpg

Behind the scenes look at the Office of Surrealist Investigations project during Curator’s Tour > Thursday, November, 3, starts at KAG 7:00 pm (465 Victoria Street)

Collaborative Drawing night > Sunday, October 30, 7:00 pm (135 Victoria Street)

Collaborative Corpse is a series of projected exquisite corpse drawings on the windows of the Office of Surrealist Investigations. Office of Surrealist Investigations is a collaborative art studio taking the form of a film noir private investigator’s office within which participants are invited to collaborate in Surrealist activities.

For this project, multiple artists will work simultaneously to create drawings inspired by the surrealist drawing game of Exquisite Corpse. Artists will engage in a visual correspondence forming a collaborative drawing that builds off of each artist’s ideas and automatic mark-making. The Office of Surrealist Investigations will host a public drawing night at 7pm on Sunday, October 30 where visitors to the Office can contribute to the projected drawings.


MONDAY, OCTOBER 31 > 9:00 pm to 12:00 am > ALL AGES

AUXHAUS (Rotary Bandshell)

Halloween Tribute Fest

A Halloween tradition – punky night of cover sets where bands pay tribute to their favourites Tributes include Bastard, Jawbreaker, The Damned, Napalm Death, and Blink 182.


AUXHAUS (Rotary Bandshell)

TRU SHORTS: Student Video Screenings

Refreshments provided by Zack’s Coffee and Afterglow beer provided by Red Collar



AUXHAUS (Rotary Bandshell)

The Elasticity of the Projected Form
Talk by Levi Glass

Refreshments provided by Zack’s Coffee and Afterglow beer provided by Red Collar

Levi Glass will discuss how image devices and the environments in which they are shown impact sensorial perceptions and create spaces where viewers are able to examine, think and learn through perception. This talk will also incorporate a discussion about the role of play in the creation of such devices or spaces.



Meet at Kamloops Art Gallery, 465 Victoria Street

Curator’s Tour with Charo Neville 

A walking tour that will take you to each Luminocity site. Dress for the weather, wear comfortable shoes and bring a water bottle. Tour will include a behind the scenes look at the Office of Surrealist Investigations and conclude at the Rotary Bandshell with a performance by Ronan McGrath, Monica McGarry & Jessie Kobylanski.


AUXHAUS (Rotary Bandshell)

Ma: On Weightless Occupied Space, 2016
Sound design by Rónan McGrath
Choreography & light design directed by Monica McGarry & Jessie Kobylanski

Refreshments provided by Zack’s Coffee and Afterglow beer provided by Red Collar

Ma: On Weightless Occupied Space is a musique concrète and contemporary dance performance exploring the vast subject of light─our dominant and pervasive habitat.

It represents the qualities of light as an environment experienced in both discrete and continuous conditions. Simultaneously organic and ephemeral, the  work uses abstract soundscapes to express detailed light/object interaction through reflection and refraction while articulating broad impressions of human/light experience through visceral dance and light-source manipulation.


FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 4 > 9:00 pm to 2:00 am


Bar and food provided by Red Beard

Deep Blue Feature

Named after the IBM chess-playing computer, Deep Blue is a non-profit space dedicated to the thinking machine, the thinking about machines, and thinking with machines. Its residences’ output is registered in sequences, frequencies, and oscillations purposed to move bodies in space and space in bodies.


Downtown Solutions

The latest project from Canadian music producer Jean Brazeau. A multi disciplinary exploration to further understand the contemporary electronic musician’s relationship to the machine; industrial, social, and material– Downtown Solutions is the reference point for actualizing Brazeau’s research on these subjects.

Brazeau is a director and curator at Deep Blue Studios and has previously published Touch of Jupiter (Friendly Chemist) on 1080p Collection, as well as Bridge & Tunnel on ISLA Records with collaborator Daniel Rincon.




Is the alias of Vancouver-based musician, DJ, and label owner Daniel Rincon. His latest album S.T Cassette (2016) was released on Isla, produced at Deep Studios and engineered at Sweet Pup studios with the assistance of D. Tiffany. Rincon has performed with artists such as Shifted, Pharmakon, Oneohtrix Point Never, Marshstepper and Container.

Apart from playing as NAP, Rincon also collaborates with Downtown Solutions under the name Bridge & Tunnel, and with D. Tiffany under the name Ambien Baby. Rincon recently launched Isla, an experimental electronic music label. Listen to new material from the label on Isla Radio, a monthly radio show on N10.AS (Montreal).



You’re Me

Is the collaborative project between Vancouver based artists Yu Su and Scott Johnson Gailey. They have recently released their debut; Plant Cell Division on 1080p. You’re Me has performed live alongside Laurel Halo, Auscultation, as well as live-on-air on the NTS Vancouver showcase.



Unknown Mobile

Unknown Mobile (Levi Bruce) is a musician and DJ currently based out of Vancouver, BC. He recently released a 12″ EP on ASL Singles Club entitled No Motion: three tracks of mellow bliss and brisk beats.



SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 5 > 9:00 pm to 2:00 am


Bar and food provided by Red Beard

Closing night/ Edmonton Exposé



Cham is a quartet from Edmonton, Alberta. Their music blends proto-punk often with
angular guitar, lyrically focusing on destructive personal behaviour expressed through
irony. They stray from subject to subject exploring different facets of subversive lifestyles.
Their songs are packaged into compact pop songs learning towards 70’s east coast garage
and the fractured compositions of post punk.



Edmonton’s Shukov started as the bedroom guitar pop project of singer Tim Biziaev. After releasing a couple EPs the project has matured into a powerful four piece indie rock band with their first LP, Healthy Somethings, now successfully behind them. While the addition of the band has brought a new energy to Shukov’s songs, the earlier sensibilities still remain: anthemic choruses are delivered humbly, swaggering instrumental sections build slowly out of off hand melodic flourishes, and a devotion to subtlety is observed that allows this band to pull off probably the only multi-suite guitar solo this author has ever enjoyed, never mind been moved by. Shukov performs detailed, thoughtful music aimed directly at your soft spots.