2018 Events

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All events take place in the Rotary Bandshell at Riverside Park unless otherwise noted.

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Friday Oct 12:

Curator's Tour

Curator’s Tour

7:00 pm

Starting at the Kamloops Art Gallery @ 465 Victoria Street, Curator Charo Neville will lead a public walking tour of all the Luminocity projects, following the map and ending at the Rotary Bandshell for an evening of performance and refreshments starting at 9:00 pm. Bring comfortable walking shoes and water.

Ronan image

Rónan McGrath – sound, visual, creative direction
Jennifer Winters – vocal
Raeli Wolfram – stage performance

Rotary Bandshell // 9:00 pm

A sound and performance installation exploring the emotional fabric of coping with place and time. Juxtaposing body and voice with synthetic soundscapes and treatments, Medium/Fugue is an ardent physical expression of human temporality extrapolated from the entangled works of Emma Hauck, Karlheinz Stockhausen and the Brothers Quay.

Saturday October 13:

AMD 2018

BrewLoops & Factotum Present an evening of beer and music

Douse (New Westminister)
Jared Jackel’s Bad Vibrations (Penticton)
At Mission Dolores (Kamloops)

Door 8:00 pm // Music 8:30 pm

Sunday October 14:

Office of Surrealist Investigations

Office of Surrealist Investigations
Collaborative Corpse, 2018
Live projected drawing

135 Victoria Street // 8:00 pm

Collaborative Corpse is a series of projected exquisite corpse drawings on the windows of the Office of Surrealist Investigations. Office of Surrealist Investigations is a collaborative art studio taking the form of a film noir private investigator’s office within which participants are invited to collaborate in Surrealist activities. For this project, multiple participants will work simultaneously to create drawings inspired by the surrealist drawing game of Exquisite Corpse.

The Office of Surrealist Investigations will host a public drawing night where visitors can contribute to live projected drawings. The drawings will be projected windows each evening throughout the week of Luminocity.

Tuesday October 16:


TRU Shorts (video screenings by Thompson Rivers University students)

8:00 pm

Wednesday October 17:


Artist as a Digital Archivist
Curated by Julija Rukanskaitė and Emily Dundas Oke

8:00 pm

Artist as a Digital Archivist is an international curatorial project that explores how narratives are constructed based on the model of digital archiving, questioning the potential of archives as an act of memory making in relation to the wider social outcome they imply. Initiated as an open call for video works that address themes ranging from time and memory to the politics of public narratives, it has become a collage in which the non-continuity, open-endedness and grounding in previous artistic and non-artistic practices make up the project itself.

Thursday October 18:

Dark Duel.jpg

Dark Duel
Costumed art-making contest

8:00 pm

The KAG’s fifth annual blindfolded face-off—this time in the dark! Inspired by Luminocity, this year’s duel challenges contestants to create their objects using glow sticks, LED lights and modeling clay in under 60 seconds, while blindfolded. Participants will be judged on their costumes, performances and their completed sculpture. The winner will be awarded an exhibition on our Open Gallery in January 2019. Not interested in participating? Join the Dark Duel Peanut Gallery! Heckle contestants as they fumble through their tasks, cheer for your friends and dance to the live DJ set. Dark Duel has space for 8 competitors. Register early to ensure your place in the competition. Visit the Gallery or call 250-377-2400.

Friday October 19:


Origami and More Music for Sponges
Martin Marier and Émilie Payeur

8:00 pm

The sponge is a digital musical instrument that looks like a cushion. The sensors in it detect when it is twisted, bent or tapped, and allow the performers to intuitively play with a fancy synthesizer. Origami is a partially improvised work about folding, unfolding and fold-over. It was composed by Montreal artists Martin Marier and Myriam Bleau during improvisation sessions in 2013, slowly fixing a structure while exploring the possibilities of the instrument. Marier will perform Origami with special guest, Émilie Payeur, for Kamloops audiences.

Saturday October 20:

The Prettys 2018.jpg

Factotum Presents an evening of beer and music

Door 8:00 pm // Music 8:30 pm

The Prettys (Vancouver)
Did You Die (Victoria)
Groceries (Victoria)